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re: Streiter's Thoughts on Weapons


I only played the beta and here is what i thought of the weapons I had a chance to use.


Assault Rifles: 

I honestly thought I was going to enjoy these weapons more. They have decent damage output and ok range,  accuracy if ok if you keep it to burst fire.

But something about them just didn't click with me. I felt  like I was doing to little damage per bullet, but thats just me. However this was by far

the most used weapon I saw around. Overall good weapon for any situation. It can be used as support with suppressive fire, keeping enemies down and back,

it is also could for long range shots and pushing the line forward, rushing your enemy and taking them down fast.



Sub machine guns:

I knew I wasn't going to care for these guns. They seemed to have a higher damage per bullet than the ARs and a higher rate of fire but their range and accuracy

I found to be in the dirt. I used a few of these guns but swapped them out as soon as I could. However I saw many people using these, these are of course rapid damaging 

guns and can lay some serious hurt quickly in close range. This is an offensive weapon meant for short to medium range.



Light machine Guns:

I knew I would like this gun. This has less damage per bullet than the ARs if I remember correctly, maybe even a slower rate of fire. I am not sure I would have to go back into beta and double check to be honest.

But these guns had larger magazines and could lay down oppressive fire like no ones business. I think these are great support weapons, solid damage, I felt like they had a slightly faster kill time than the Subs and ARs.

Mainly because I didn't have to stop a reload as much. I only had access to two different Light Machine Guns. RPK-4 and the M249 B. RPK was alright, slightly more ammo than an AR but the M249 B was on a whole another world,

it had a standard mag of 100 rounds. Out of the two I highly recommend the use of the M249 B. Though they can lay down the hurt, I think they are more of a support weapon, suppressive fire to keep enemies down and back.



Marksman Rifles:

I had a feeling I would like these kind of guns. Funny enough, my first marksman rifle was a Scar-H, which is the heavy version, there is a light version that is an assault rifle. I really didn't like the Scar-H, it had high rate of fire and

a large size clip, but it lacked the power I wanted. I found myself needing 3 to 5 head shots to take down enemies. Then I got the M1A, which I never let go of except for a more powerful version of the M1A.

It has roughly half the rounds and fire rate compared to the Scar-H, but it also dealt between 2 to 3 times more base damage, which meant I was suddenly working with 1 to 3 head shots per enemy.

Though not as good as a LMG for oppressive fire, it still did the job, many players seemed to get back behind cover once you almost kill them with one shot. I found it perfect for my long distance 

game, be it offensive, supportive or defensive. Hell, even mid game it rocked, the target was just bigger and easier to hit! Close range its still effective but there are better weapons for

that range. It hits hard even when not a head shot, but if your not head hunting or not interested in head hunting, then this is not your weapon. Head shots with this weapon 

are terrifying and should be the only shots you aim to take, otherwise your wasting ammo.




Now, I actually didn't want to use shotguns. I stayed away from them using sub-machineguns first before finally caving in and giving it a try. I am so glad I did, at close range I don't think shotguns even have 

competition by the other weapons. With that said I will say this, the first shotgun I used was a double barrel, more so it was the gold double barrel shot gun from the DZ vendor. That thing almost one 

shotted players, usually it took two shots for players and NPCs alike. Sadly the double barrels only have two rounds, which means if you miss your stuck reloading when you want to be shooting.

This actually made me feel very insecure while I was using the shotgun, I found it to be very unreliable. then I got the Super 90. I went from two rounds to eight rounds and the

damage dropped but only by like 200 or 300, oh no. I fell in love with the Super 90, and I rocked players and NPCs alike with it. And then I tossed the Super 90 in the trash

because apparently it lied to me. It told me it was hot shit, and it was until I picked up a M870 Express. The M870 is the first weapon I pray to get when the game

goes live, I swear by this shotgun. Sure it has only 5 to 6 rounds, thats two less than the Super 90 but 3 to 4 more than the double barrel, and its damage

is roughly 600 to 800 higher than the Super 90, which means it was like 200 to 300 higher than the double barrel. The M870 Express eats people,

it does, it eat them, their armor, and their friend next them because it still has enough rounds in it to take out another player or maybe 1 or 2

more NPCs. This shotgun shouldn't make the standard Blow! that normal shotguns do, it should go Omnom! The shotgun is the

close range markman rifle. I sadly was not able to get the Military M870, so I have no idea. It could be better than

the M870 Express, and if it is, I assure you I will be using it. Anywho as I said the shotgun is hard hitting

close combat gun that rocks whatever was a problem and makes the problem no more.

I highly recommend this weapon.


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